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♬ Her hand with the rope goes round and round
Round and round, round and round
Her hand with the rope goes round and round
All around his scrotum ♬

Lisa wrapped the rope around his cock and his balls five times, tied it off and pulled the loose end of the rope. She had already slapped, kicked, kneed, squeezed, clamped, caged and tortured the mangled remains of his manhood, so one pull was enough to make him moan in agony. And that was music to Her ears. She tied his hands behind his back and a short whipcord around his ankles. She grinned and started to drag him around the house like a dog on a leash. He tried to follow Her as fast as he could, but the whipcord only allowed him to take small steps.
Don’t be so goddamn lazy, She snapped, get a move on!
She tugged the rope hard. He gasped for air and screamed in pain. His balls turned from dark-red to purple and then into blue. Fascinating stuff.
She yanked him down the stairs, into the garden. He begged for mercy, begged Her to slow down, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead, She pulled the rope even harder. So much power, just by using a simple piece of rope. She loved it!
Please, Mistress, please not so hard, you’re castrating me!
She stopped and turned around with a big smile on Her face: Now, there’s a thought!