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I bought the secondhand book because of the handwritten inscription inside. It read:
Slave, April 16, 14:00, Brither-str. 14-III. Come alone and bring this book. Mistress A.
I knew, of course, that the message was meant for some else. I didn’t know any Mistress A. Also, the message could be years old for all I knew. Still, I was intrigued. So I visited Brither Street a couple of times and saw the house from the outside. I became a bit obsessed and I decided I wouldn’t be stopped by the mere technicality that I hadn’t met this Mistress before. Act innocent, I said to myself, and pretend to be a complete and utter moron. Which was, as you can imagine, easy enough.
April 16th came with stomach pains and I rang the doorbell precisely at two. There was a buzzing sound and the door opened. I was stunned, because I didn’t believe that would actually happen. I went up the stairs and noticed that one of the doors was open. I hesitantly stepped inside.
I felt a sharp pain in my neck and turned around quickly. There was a nurse standing behind me, dressed in a short, latex uniform. She was holding a syringe in Her gloved hand.
Jesus, I screamed. You scared the shit out of me. What did you d-
I injected you with a strong sedative, She said. You better sit down.
Why shou-
My legs gave way and I slumped into a chair. The room was spinning round and round.
Was it the word “slave” that made your dick tick like a gigantic sperm bomb, She giggled, or was it the word “Mistress?” Both perhaps. Anyway, you will be taken to the City of Femme, where you’ll spend the rest of your life in slavery.
Don’t be absurd!! I laughed hysterically. Read my lips: I’m not, repeat NOT, going.
I went.


I opened the front door and came face to face with an incoming fist that sent me back to where I came from. I landed on my back and seconds later a blonde nymph dropped down on my chest and jammed the barrel of a gun into my mouth. Demolishing my front teeth in the process. My dick jumped up and down in my pants, because She was one of the Ladies of the Hitwoman Roleplaying Association (HRA)! She looked over Her shoulder at the eruption between my legs.
No need to introduce Myself, I see, She grinned. You know exactly who I am. Say: yes Mistress.
Heff Mifpfeff, I said, with a mouthful of barrel.
I quit My job at HRA, She continued, because I’m not really into roleplaying and stuff. I’m more a real-deal-kind-a-Girl, do you know what I mean? I’m now a fulltime assassin. So you’re really, really, really going to give your life for Me today, how cool is that! It’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?
Heff Mifpfeff, I drooled.
She put Her hand on my high explosive groin and smiled.
No doubt you’ve had a downright miserable life, but your death is going to be spec-ta-cu-lair! You’re going to die with an enormous erection and a smile on your face. So, let’s count down, shall we … ten … nine … eight …
Man, She was so hot and She played the role so convincingly!! What a lovely actress! I was so glad that I had booked a se-


When the night falls, Her name is whispered in streets and alleys, in clubs and restaurants. Whispered, not spoken aloud. God no! Jack’s voice sounded hoarse and strange. Believe me, She’s not an imaginary person, not a figment of our imagination! She’s real! She only targets single men, did you know that? I mean … how does She know these things? How can you tell who’s single or not these days? 
He wrung his hands nervously and there was terror in his eyes.
These are dark and dangerous times and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m scared. My nerves are in tatters. I’m a single man, does that mean She has me in Her sights? Some say She takes Her victims to the Underworld because male slaves are in high demand there. But how do they know that? No one has ever returned to tell the tale! I’m su-
I’m sorry, the psychiatrist said, time’s up. Jack turned towards Her and gazed directly into Her amazingly blue eyes. He tried to look away, but couldn’t. His eyes were glued to Hers and his arms and legs felt heavy. And then … slowly but surely … it dawned on him.
Are You going to take me to the Underworld? he whispered in a trance.
An underground dungeon, She smiled. I’m a collector, you see. And you, well, you are a fine specimen and you are going to be one of My slaves. How does that sound?
That sounds wonderful, he said in a dreamy voice. He was awake and sleeping, lying on the couch and falling.
No longer scared?
Not at all, he whispered. All I want … all I ever wanted … is to obey You.
I hear that a lot, She smiled.


The Femdom Fair is a classic fair with bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a carousel and all the other stuff. There’s a yummy, yummy candy floss machine, a popcorn cart and the ice-cream stand is just opposite the You-Scream tent. Oh yes, besides the classic rides and attractions, there’s a lot Femdom-themed stuff to enjoy as well. There’s a Slap-the-Chap for example, a Saliva-Sucker, a Whip-the-Wimp and a Coconut-Cry, where Ladies throw coconuts at a man’s nuts. Testicles are very popular at the fair, always have been, always will be. So there’s a Kick-a-Dick as well, a Balls-in-a-Bucket, a Pluck-the-Cock and a Whack-the-Wanker. But the mother of all miseries is of course the Yodel-Ay-Ee-Ooo Striker, where Women hit a man’s scrotum with a classic mallet. When the testicles hit each other, they produce a distinctive high-pitched sound of castrates in the making. Absolutely hysterical! And a fair is not a fair without animals, of course. So there’s a Dogs-Obstacle-Course, a Human-Horse-Race, a Pig-on-the-Spit, a Slam-the-Snout and there’s even a replica of a Ducking Stool. That contraption has nothing to do with Donald Duck, or any other duck or animal for that matter, but it’s awesome to watch! There’s really something for everyone to enjoy: a Cripple-Nipple, a Choke-a-Bloke, a Slave-Shooting-Gallery (recreational guns of course) and did I already mention the Human-Cannonballs? Their screams, fading away into the distance; so hilarious!
So, if you want to have a g-r-r-r-r-eat time, come join us at the Femdom Fair!


O, thee foolish and blindeth men
Thee disobedient and rebellious servants
Thee shall be damned to eternal flames of pain

The sky was completely dark and in front of me were six fiery pits, filled with hundreds of thousands of naked men, many of whom were weeping and gnashing their teeth.
Women are superior in everything, a Woman’s voice thundered. These wicked men refused to submit to our authority and disobeyed our commandments. They are brought to this place from which there is neither escape nor deliverance. Here they shall be tormented indefinitely. 
And lo and behold; thousands of them were slapped all day, everyday; others were constantly swept away in raging floods of saliva and urine. Some were smothered and choked for millions & billions of years and in the 4th pit Goddess Ḥeraht-Shā, wearing a black top hat, wielded hundreds and hundreds of whips at the same time and lashed out with full force. A perpetual thrashing that went on forever and ever and ever. In the 5th pit the men stood bent over and Goddess Ȧhet-Uluaā used an enormous red-hot dildo to fuck them up the ass forevermore. The sickening smell of burning flesh almost made me throw up. But the scenes in the last pit were truly the stuff of nightmares. That pit was under the charge of Goddess Ḥāpi-Ḳereḥet, who hacked, slashed and ripped off penises and threw them in the fire. Not once, but endlessly and for all eternity. The shrieks and cries coming from that pit will haunt me forever.
Fred Burns – No Rest For The Wicked.


Women loitering around in the area??
Yes sir, Detective Chief Inspector Kickz said. Armed and dangerous Women. They’ll knock on the door and talk their way into the house. A gas safety check, a visit from the Waste Education Team, a carbon monoxide emergency, you get the picture. Once inside, one of them pulls out a gun and holds the victim at gunpoint. The other one ties him up and gags him with a worn panty.
Wow, he said with a fast growing dick, that sounds aweso- … sorry, sorry, I mean awful.
Sir! This is not a laughing matter, Detective Sergeant Slep snapped.
I know, I know, I’m sor-
We would like to come inside for a minute, DCI Kickz said, pushing him aside.
Ho! He screamed. What are you doing? Come back here! 
He hurried into the living room and came face to face with the barrel of a gun.
You gotta be kidding me, he said flabbergasted.
“They will talk their way into the house”… DCI Kickz grinned.
Well, well, what do we have here …
DS Slep pointed at the desktop picture of a Woman sitting on a man’s face.
It’s my brother’s computer, he quickly said.
DCI Kickz laughed and pointed at the bulge in his pants: Is that your brother’s as well?
They zip-tied him, forced a panty into his mouth and robbed him blind. They took their time, left with the loot and came back for more. Thrice.
Throughout the ordeal his cock remained rock solid.


Claudio Assholio is, as we all know, one of the most influential Fetish Sound Artists in history. His first album, called Knee Boots, was released on LP and cassette in 1981. The sound of approaching boots (side A), getting louder and louder, versus the sound of retreating boots (side B), fading into the distance, would be his hallmark for years to come. Red Boots was released in 1984, followed by White Boots in 1986. Same concept, different boots. But the breakthrough came with the release of the album Black Boots (on LP and CD) in 1993, which sold over 35 million copies worldwide. Then the boots were taken off (the single No Boots was released in the summer of 1994) and feet emerged. The CD Feet First was released in 1999, Cold Feet in 2000 and Tired Feet was released three years later. Silent Feet, Holy Feet came out in November 2008 and is still considered to be one of the greatest Christmas sounds albums of all time. Assholio’s first Face-Slapping album, called Slap Happy, marked the beginning of a new phase and a new sound with slaps on the left- (side A) and slaps on the right cheek (side B). Bitch-Slap followed in 2013 and sold over 28 million copies. His latest album will be released early next year and is all about kneeing men in the groin. The double album is called Wounded Knee. He may be an asshole, but he’s a fucking legend, man.


The Halloween theme was “Deadly Femmepires” and the party took place in an abandoned underground military facility. Jim decided to go as vampire hunter Van Helsing, complete with hat, boots and duster coat. The party was really nice; spooky atmosphere, great music, lovely people, lively dance floor. At one point a Lady came up to him, leaned over and sniffed.
Mmmm, She whispered approvingly, blood type AB … My favorite.
You guessed it right, he grinned. Awesome fangs by the way, couldn’t tell that they were fake.
She hissed and walked away.
The music abruptly stopped at midnight. One of the Ladies jumped on the man standing next to Jim and forced him to the floor. What a great performance, Jim thought, and started to applaud. Then a Woman flew at the throat of the guy standing right in front of him. His body twitched and shook and blood splattered everywhere. Men went down like flies and suddenly reality sank in.
Jim screamed and ran in fear. The bunker was enormous and he ran through a maze of corridors, down narrow staircases, through rooms, halls and offices until he reached a dead-end. The lights in the corridor were dim and flickering. He was panting, his heart was racing and he was sweating profusely. God, what a nightmare. He turned around and there She was, the AB-Blood-Type-Bitch, standing right behind him.
Where are you going? She smiled. The party has just begun.
Please, he begged, I wanna go home.
One more drink, She said, licking Her fangs. You have My word.


I met Shirley Holmes (Sherlock’s younger sister) in the spring of 1891 at the Eccentric Club in Soho, London. She had long dark hair, a gorgeous face and an amazing smile. I bowed and kissed Her hand while Her blue green eyes took a walk all over me.
That you are gullible, ignorant and not particular intelligent is of course obvious, She said.
I beg your par-
She slapped me twice. Not hard, but twice.
Do NOT interrupt Me! She paused a moment. Now then. You were born in a shed with two cows, one of which was lame …  you broke your arm when you were five years old … mother a seamstress, father an accountant. You like kippers, not sprats. Beans, not carrots. Sherry, not port.
I stood there with my mouth open wide, because She was bang-bang-bang-bang on.
How on eart-
She punched me hard on the mouth. My head was spining, my teeth falling. But before I could say anything She grabbed my hand, turned it over and stared at the palm.
Ah! The calloused hand shows signs of lifelong manual labor. Masturbation, I presume. You are the possessor of a fine dick, which I should describe roughly as being larger than a matchstick and smaller than a flagpole.
How dare Y-
She kicked me in the shins and I howled.
Take him to My dungeon in Baker Street, She said to a big man standing in the corner. There’s something fishy about him. Mackerel perhaps. Cod maybe.
I was never to be heard from again.


On the road betwixt Sherbourne and Shaftesbury the coach was held up by a masked rider. Sir Duncan, special advisor to the King, stuck his head out of the coach-window.
Why are we stopping? Thee there on the horse, who are thou!
I am thy worst nightmare, a Woman’s voice said, step out of the coach, all of thee.
Four flabbergasted men stepped out with their hands up.
I’m all dick, Sir Duncan murmured. Sorry, sorry, I mean ears. I’m all ears.
Out with thy purses, She demanded.
And if we refuse, the tall man asked.
The Lady pointed the blunderbuss at him: Then thee shall kicketh the bucket the present day.
They immediately dropped their purses.
Thee has stolen so much more than my purse, Sir Duncan blushed.
She smiled, but ignored him.
Drop thy pants, all of thee. Now!
Not in a million years, the bald man screamed.
The blunderbuss roared into life and a bullet ploughed through his hair.
Woman, the fat man lamented, has’t thee nay mercy?
I have no more of that dull commodity than thee has’t, She growled.
She threw their trousers in the bushes, tied Her victims back to back on the stagecoach horses and drove them into the next town, where many people gathered and cheered. The Lady let Her horse prance and drove off into the night.



In the year 125 BC, the Romans captured the Warrior Queen Allovera, who was said to be the most beautiful Woman in the world. It made Anus Contanus, a guard in one of Rome’s most notorious prisons, very nervous, because the cells were downright filthy. Not worthy of any Woman, let alone a Queen. So he ordered Nilfisk, a Danish slave, to take the push-up position on the floor. Anus grabbed him by the ankles and moved him around, while Nilfisk sucked up all the cobwebs, ants, cockroaches, fleas and mouse droppings with his mouth. Then they cleaned everything with water and brought perfume, flowers and soft cushions to lay in the cells. Queen Allovera arrived the next day and was marched to Her cell by general Aprillis Maius. After he’d left, Anus went to Her cell, knocked on the door, awaited Her response, and went in. Her beauty literally took his breath away. Her face was gorgeous, Her skin flawless, Her eyes mesmerizing and Her dress exquisite. He pulled himself together, because there was nothing he could do to change Her faith. It was out of his ha-
Will you help Me to escape from this place?
His legs buckled and he fell to his knees. Yes, Your Majesty, he whispered.
Submit to My will and obey Me without question?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Give Me power over your miserable life and your painful death?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Very well, I hereby take you as My slave.
Just like that.


Operations Manager Dick “The Bull” Adams was working late. Again. It was shortly after ten when he heard something.
Who’s there? Show yourself!
A Woman in a super-heroine costume stepped into the office.
Jesus Christ, he laughed, fell out of a comic book, did you? He looked at Her more closely: wait a minute … I know you, you are Daisy … Daisy … what was it? Duck?
Daisy Dawn, that’s it. Didn’t I sack you?
You did, that’s one of the reasons why I’m here.
He laughed out loud: Let me guess, stupid by day, super by night, is that it?
A flash of red and green knocked him off his chair and tore his clothes. She stood above him, hands on Her hips, smiling down on him like an evil Goddess. She lifted him off the ground with two fingers and threw him through the office like a discus with a dick. The next thing he knew, he was lying butt naked, on his back, on his desk.
W.what are You d.doing, he mumbled groggy.
I’m tying you to the desk, asshole! Then I’m going invite your employees to come over.
You … you c.can’t do that!
I’m already doing it.
Her rope was glowing gold and bright orange.
Is … is that the las-… the lasso o.of truth? he moaned.
Don’t be absurd, She said, you read way too much comic books.


Student Mircalla is in fact the resurrected vampire Carmila Karnstein (gallery pic 1). She’s the most breathtaking, most powerful Woman I’ve ever seen and my dick becomes taller than me. But then this guy called Richard scares the bejesus out of Her by showing Her a cross (pics 2 & 3). The bastard! God, I hate cruelty towards Lady Vampires, I really do. But then he turns the cross upside down and kneels in front of Her (pic 4).
I could have told them what I knew about You, he says, but I stayed silent. I want only to worship You, be Your servant.
That’s better, my boy! The cross slips through his fingers and falls to the ground.
I will do whatever You demand of me, he cries.
She smiles down on him with the superiority of a Lady who reigns over life and death (pic 5). She isn’t looking for a pet though, so She drinks him like Glühwein (pic 6).
It’s summer and the local cinema is showing these ancient old Hammer movies every Sunday afternoon. I’m eleven years old or so and I limp home with a high-explosive dick in my pants. The damned thing remained rock solid for 8 years, 6 months, 3 weeks, 24 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. I had to do a handstand on the toilet seat in order to pee, it was ridiculous. In hindsight the movie wasn’t that good, but this particular scene changed my life forever.


The Femdom Restaurant is located on Onion Road (what are the odds) and has three separate rooms for dining: the first is called Mild, the second Wild and the third one is called Emergency Room. We decided to go for the Wild one. The room has place for 44 guests and is decorated with characteristic Femdom motifs. A waitress smacked me across the head and tossed the menu card on the table. She told us we had five minutes. We giggled like schoolboys. I ordered the Slap Happy Salade as an appetizer and a Paddle Pasta with Rabbit Ragu as the main course.
The salade came with 25 brutal face-slaps. Bon appétit with a twist! We drank wine, which did not go down well with the waitress. She wanted us to drink Spa Spit or Pepsi Pee. We held our ground and got pulled by the hair and spat on in the process.
The pasta was delicious, as was the paddling. I had to bend over and a lovely waitress paddled my ass strawberry red. And I was the lucky one, because one of my friends had ordered Strapon à la Stroganoff. Man, they fucked him all over the place with a humongous strapon. The poor lad couldn’t sit (or shit) for days. They forced us to clean the table, the dishes and the kitchen afterwards. The hefty bill was a financial rape, but who cares. We’ve booked a table in the Emergency Room for next week. Some of the things on the menu there are Guillotine Soup and Chinese Noodles Noose. Could well be my Last Supper.


The Temple of the Goddess is Japan’s oldest Femdom temple, located in the Kyoto mountains, and is dedicated to all lifestyle Mistresses around the world. A few months ago the authorities finally granted me permission to stay, work and worship at the sanctuary for a few weeks. It’s more beautiful than I’d ever imagined and I wished I could stop the clock and be here forever. I rise at 4am every morning and wash and clean the boots of the 6-metre high statue of a Goddess in the inner sanctum. The statue is made of pure gold and is decorated with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. A couple of devotees wash Her legs, others Her hands etc. The Holy Guards are an elite and highly trained forse, licensed to kick, slap, smother, whip, cane and – no doubt – kill flies like me. They keep a sharp eye on everything. Thousands of male slaves visit the temple each day and offer food, flowers, money and gold to the Goddess. They all get a free meal, so most of the time I’m dishwashing, scrubbing and cleaning in the enormous kitchen. The highest authority of the temple, Princess Juri, arrives in the early afternoon and we all lie prostrate for Her for at least six hours. Sometimes She points at one of the slaves lying on the ground, and he will be punished right in front of Her. Without rhyme or reason as far as I know, but then again: She’s a living Goddess, I’m nothing. Slave T. April 2016.


No, I don’t have a Bible, a rosary, a crucifix or holy water in my house. I never use any garlic and the only mirror is behind the door in the bathroom. There’s a sign behind the bedroom window saying: Female Vampires Please Knock – Blood Type A Positive Inside. I used to sleep with the balcony door open and the sign initially said: Welcome, Come In. But after four burglaries and some lengthy and heated discussions with the insurance company, I was forced to a) shut up b) shut the balcony door and c) change the text on the sign. Writers and filmmakers want us to believe that it’s extremely difficult for Vampires to get a drink. And yet, here I am, waiting for years and years, almost begging them to come in. They never do. Makes my blood boil, believe me.
Vampire Ladies are so beautiful and so powerful! They can seduce you, manipulate you, hypnotise you with one look, tear you to pieces or drink you like a rum and coke. Or! Turn you into a slave who is literally unable to disobey. How cool is that! Dying and breathing for Her alone, powerless to disobey and all that is destined to last at least a thousand years. Now, that’s my kinda Lady and my kinda slavery! So please, why don’t you try me tonight, Queen of the Night?


Saturday 15 July-22 July 1525
We made landfall on the northern tip of the island. We had been at sea for 9 days and we were glad to be on land again. We walked for days through the jungle in intense heat and monsoon rains. And then, after six backbreaking days, the city suddenly emerged from the mountain mist.
The City of Fem is, without doubt, the finest and noblest city in the world. It has beautiful canals, marketplaces (including several slave-markets), temples, palaces, taverns, shops, more than a thousand baths and the magnificent hanging gardens are each three kilometers long. The spectaculair waterfalls to the west can be seen from the city itself. The many, grand statues that are everywhere in the city depict Queens, Female Warriors and Princesses, but also defeated, suffering and labouring male slaves. Each square has at least three whipping-posts and several stocks and cages. It’s far more beautiful than Atlantis and it’s fair to say this gorgeous city is a modern version of the Garden of Eden. The city is ruled and governed by the power of approximately 150.000 Women and all 450.000 men are kept in slavery. So if you want to know what Female Supremacy and male slavery is all about, then visit the magnificent City of Fem.
Journal of explorer Abdel Al Mahnat (1492-1532)


They came from a planet called ▽Ẫℏ¶Ŧµ◎Ⱶƃ℥☋Ǜ (aka planet T) and we were to them what bugs are to us. When they spoke about their planet, we could actually see what they meant, because their words came with images! So cool! The universe is teeming with life, Empress ℔ (aka Empress Hytymadongi) explained. All planets are Female-ruled, because no civilisation in its right mind puts men in charge. Unless you like catastrophes. Young and virile men are kept in Reproduction Colonies; the rest is put to work. As nature intended. 
They left in the early afternoon, because they wanted to be home before diner. Our planet is roughly 4 light years away from here, the Empress explained, so it’s just around the corner, really. And yet it would take you people 137 thousand years to get there. Haha, you are so unbearably primitive. It takes us approximately four hours, depending on the space wind. After they’d gone, our President was quick to explain: Women on our planet achieved so much, he said, thanks to men! We gave them the vote, we allowed them to study, we granted them jobs. Women are like children: they look up to us, imitate us, worship us. That’s how it’s always been, that’s how it’s always going to be. Everyone cheered, even some Women. Our president is, after all, such a wise man. And so we remain the laughing stock of the universe for many, many centuries to come.


Roman emperor Brutus Maximus was and enormous asshole who made Nero look like a choirboy. In the year 523 A.D. he ordered his troops to attack Persia, just for the fun of it. The lunatic. Persia was ruled by Queen Hot-Yummy the 3rd and She led an army of five hundred thousand boners ….. uh … I apologise, I mean five hundred thousand soldiers into battle. Not only was She the most beautiful Queen from here to Venus and back, She was also a strategic mastermind. Brutus met his Waterloo in the Battle of Susa and was captured alive. Back then they would throw you off a cliff or to the lions, or something drastic like that, but Queen Hot-Yummy the 3rd had other plans. She kept Brutus in a cage and used him as a human footstool in front of Queens, Emperors, Generals and dignitary. He was mocked and ridiculed, but somehow he willingly committed himself to a life of slavery. And that was a good thing, because he remained Her footstool for the rest of his miserable life. From mighty emperor to a piece of IKEA furniture, how about that.


Take Ana Conrad for example, better known as Anaconda. She lived down the street and Anaconda’d the bejesus out of each and every man who was foolish enough to put his head between Her legs. Legend has it She choked out an entire soccer team once, including the substitutes and the coach.
Appearances can be deceiving they say, and in this case, it was true. She was thin and petite, and much shorter in statue than me. I can clearly remember the first time She scissored me to sleep. Man alive, as if my head was stuck in a vice! I could hear a cracking sound in my neck and feared She was going to squeeze my brains out of my ears.
Ca…n…’t b.b-reathe, I squeaked.
I know, She giggled, isn’t it fun?
My head looked like a enormous jawbreaker (quite an appropriate name, under the circumstances), turning from pink to red, to purple. I was absolutely powerless to stop it, because not even an escape artist could escape this one. She could put me to sleep, or finish me off in the process. My life was literally in Her hands (aka between Her legs). Breathtaking!