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My parents never went away on holidays or anything. Everyone went abroad, we stayed put. So I explored the neighborhood all on my own and one day I came across, what looked like, an enormous wilderness smack dab in the middle of my hometown. It was in fact an old city park called Westerhout (created in 1726). It was only 16 hectares, which is roughly 22 soccer fields or 29 American football fields. Bigger than my garden, but smaller than the Amazon jungle. Funny you mentioned the Amazon, man, because I was pretty convinced that the Amazons, the Warrior Women of the ancient world, lived in this man-made jungle somewhere. So I went off the paths and into the trees in the hope that they would capture me and keep me as their slave. Each day I went home disappointed, but the next day I was back. And the next … and the day after that. I wanted it so badly and I was willing to give my life (or toys, maybe that’s more realistic) trying to achieve it. Poor, poor, silly me. I didn’t know the difference between a park, a forest and a jungle, but I did know that Women were superior and that I was born to submit myself to their will. The park still exists, but the Amazons left a long time ago.
I think.


Thing is, his roommate Elsa said, I’m going to be a professional Mistress, a Dominatrix.
Get outta here! You mean whipping people?
Whipping, caning, slapping, pegging; you name, you get it.
I thought you were more into embroidery and such. But what about your study?
Don’t worry about that. But listen, I’m looking for someone to practice on.
Don’t look at me, he hurriedly said, I’m not into this stuff.
Fine, fine. Then I will cut your balls off in your sleep, okay?
What?? That’s not funny, Elsa!
I’m not laughing, John!
And so he became Her lab rat, there’s no other word for it. She took his wallet, credit-cards and passport, just to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere. She had him by the uncut balls, one might say. She quickly turned him into a 24/7 slave and he became as meek as a lamb. Which sounds so much better than: he became scared shitless. He cleaned, cooked, shopped, washed, suffered, screamed and begged from dusk till dawn. She had an insatiable hunger for power and She loved to dominate, torture and humiliate him. She did it, She said, because She was still learning and practicing. But according to John’s bruised & battered ass that was complete nonsense. She was a graduate cum laude right from the start.


Jingle balls, jingle balls
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to squeeze them every single day

May the miracle of Christmas bring you joy and happiness, slave. And pain, of course. Now, listen up, you empty sock, I’ve been thinking about a Christmas present for you. Isn’t that sweet?
He smiled and opened his mouth.
Shut the fuck up, She snapped, or I’ll knock you unconscious!
His mouth fell shut and he heard Her sigh.
So, a Christmas present. I wish I could give you a brain, that would be cool, wouldn’t it? From a hamster or so, nothing fancy. Just something to fill up the vast emptiness between your ears.
She shook Her head.
No such luck. Or what about a bigger dick! That’s priority number 1, I would say, because that thing between your legs … I mean, that’s just an embarrassment. And these – She grabbed him by the balls and squeezed them hard – what the fuck are these?
He danced up and down in pain: My b-a-a-a-a-l-l-s! Please, aargh!
What’s the matter with you! Can’t you be a little more Christmas-y? Come on then, let’s do a singsong: Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingle all the way …
She squeezed his balls even harder and dug Her sharp nails into the weak flesh.
I’m waiting Christmas boy, let me hear you!!
Jesus, so much for a Silent Night, man.


Queen Emma was seated on Her throne at Gudinna Palace, which was filled to capacity.
Oh, most powerful Queen of the world, an eunuch proclaimed with a high-pitched voice, most brilliant in wealth and achievement among all Mistresses and Female Leaders of our time, famed and feared for the pains, miseries, sufferings and cruelties You have inflicted on Your male subjects, and the fear which You have instilled into the hearts of the unfaithful and rebellious asshol- excuse me, I mean: unfaithful and rebellious males.
Yes, only the Kingdom to the North had refused to bow to Her. The war between the two lasted until Queen Emma’s complete victory at Tallskog.
The defeated King prostrated himself before Her: I, Colossus III, King of Cocks, Count of Castrates, Lord of Losers, Earl of Everything, Knight of Nothing, surrender Myself to Your command, Your Highness, for I am vanquished and I am, from this day forward, Your humble slave and property. Most willingly and most faithfully, shall I obey Your commands, for Thou are the Owner of my body and my soul and I am the owned.
Everything went silent and you could hear a pin drop. The silence lasted for five never-ending, nerve-wrecking, nail-biting minutes, till the slain King trembled in fear and was ready to shit himself. Then Queen Emma moved Her foot forward and Her new pet kissed Her feet, Her knees and Her hands. Palace Paper, December 2134 AD.


They tortured me for days on end, but my lips were zipped & sealed. Then they dragged me into a dentist room and strapped me into a chair. I looked at the terrifying hooks and drills and I was ready to shit myself.
My name is Brenda, a Female dentist said, also known as “Brutal Brenda” or “the Mad Dentist From Hell”. I’m here to cause you unimaginable pain an-
St-o-o-o-o-op! I screamed. Have mercy on me and my teeth!!! I’ll tell you everything!!
And so I did: I revealed the names of the resistance group AFM (anti-Femdom Movement), the storage facilities, hideouts, meeting places, safe houses; the whole bloody package.
Well, I’m glad we’ve got that out of the way, She said. We’ve got plenty of time left, so open wide and let’s take a proper look at your teeth.
No, no, please don’t hurt me, I begged.
Of course not, you silly man, we’re not animals! Now open wide … that’s it …  don’t be afraid … a little bit wider … there we go.
She locked a mouth spreader into my mouth. She even didn’t bother to see if I had any cavities, man, She just picked up the drill and turned it on.
Thing is, She said with a cold look in Her eyes, I love to torture people, it’s my favourite hobby. So this is going to hurt.


Calling the Adult Chat Lines was great fun. Until the phone bill arrived, of course, that was never a laughing matter. Anyways, one day I told an anonymous Lady that I was looking for someone to sit on my face. Make Me a financial offer, She said. Two hours later the doorbell rang and there She was: a gorgeous ebony Lady, tall, slim, with long black hair and legs that went all the way up to the ceiling. We had a drink and a chat and then the doors of Heaven opened wide. She told me She’d never done this before, but She sat on my face like a Queen on a throne, man. It was fabulous, unforgettable and, needless to say, breathtaking.
Then, just before She left, She asked: Do you know where I live?
I was flabbergasted: Whe- no, I have no idea, I’ve neve-
I live just round the corner, less than a hundred meters away from you.
As it turned out, She had been living there already for two years. And yet, I’d never seen Her before in my life. What are the odds, right? True story! So yes, your future Mistress may live in a different city, another country or even on a different continent. But, at the same time; She might just as well be living in your neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from where you’re sitting right now.


What a day! He’d been slapped, whipped, caned, kicked, kneed, squeezed, smothered and almost choked to death. Mistress was not in a good mood, you might say. And then, halfway through the evening, Her voice flowered down on him: Fancy a blowjob, slave?
He knew he was bamboozled, but still his eyes lit up like a six year old in a candy shop. She grinned, put on a strapon and told him to suck on it. There was a hint of hesitation in his eyes.
Or do you want Me to call Big Dick Dave and let him shove his missile down your throat?
His mouth fell open like a trapdoor. She grabbed him by the hair and shoved the dildo into his mouth. He squirmed and gagged, but She pushed it in deep.
There you go, you cock loving faggot.
He gagged and drooled. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he struggled to breathe. It only seemed to invigorate Her. He didn’t know it, but She used a squirting dildo. So after a while She pulled the dildo from his mouth and ejaculated all over his face. He didn’t see that one coming and he screamed in panic.
Now, that’s what I call a blowjob, you cocksucker.


Life in the workhouse was hard. Up at six, work till dark, allowing half an hour for breakfast, thirty minutes for luncheon and two quarters of an hour for dinner; in bed by eight in summer and seven in winter. Food was very basic: bread & butter for breakfast and lunch, potatoes and some veggies for dinner. Oliver didn’t know all this when he entered the workhouse. He was new and stupid; a recipe for disaster. So one day, after two potatoes and a spoonful of cabbage, he rose from the table and went to Mistress Cook.
Please Mistress, he whispered, I want some more.
Mistress Cook gazed in stupefied astonishment on Oliver.
What! She said at length, in a faint voice.
Please Mistress, replied the numb-nut, I want some more.
She hit him hard with the ladle on the forehead and the sound of emptiness resonated through the hall. Mistress Cook rushed into Staff Only room in great excitement.
Oliver has asked for more!
Horror was depicted on every face.
For more! Madame Blutwurst screamed with a pale face. He might have shown some appreciation, after all we’ve done for him!
Let’s hang him, Mistress Noose suggested, let’s hang him here and now.
An animated discussion followed and in the end they decided to donate him to a galley ship. So remember lads: be happy with what you’ve got and never, never ever, ask for more.
April 2113 – Young Slave Boys: ISBN 978-122430-422-6