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Miracles do happen now and then, because Bill has booked a session with Me! Hilly Billy was a classmate of mine in high school. Now, every class has at least one asshole, loudmouth or bully, and Bill fit that bill. He prayed on the weak and vulnerable (such a hero) and everyone was scared of him. Like so many bullies, he was not the brightest bulb in the box. For example: he was absolutely convinced that Captain America was a real person living in Boston, that Europe was a city in Asia and that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He hated everyone who was different from him. And yet, this piece of human wreckage turns out to have submissive feelings as well, because he will be My slave tomorrow between 2pm and 4pm! What are the odds! I’m sure he didn’t recognise Me on My website pictures, but I sure as hell recognised him! He’d send Me a picture of his dick (how typical) and a picture of his empty head. He hasn’t changed a bit; he’s still a creep. God, I can’t wait to lay My hands on him. Sure, sure, I’m a professional Mistress and I treat all my customers with care and respect. But everyone is entitled to have at least one off day every five years, right? Well, I have mine tomorrow.