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Repeat after Me, slave: I, slave Knucklehead the Idiot, do solemnly swear that I will obey all orders of my Mistress; that I support and defend the Superiority of Women and that I’m willing and ready to give up my nuts, my dick and my miserable life for Her, so help me God.
That’s rather a mouthful, Mistress, I wo-
She pushed the button and shocked his balls into madness. He screamed in pain and the words poured from his mouth: I, slave Knucklehead the Idiot, swear tha-
Do solemnly swear, She shocked.
Arrrghh! Do solemnly swear that I will obey all orders of my Mistress; that I defe-
Support and defend ….
Ahhhhh-ahhh!! Support and defend the Superiority of Women and that I’m willing to give u-
Willing and ready, She growled angrily, pushing the button repeatedly.
He jumped in pain: Jesu-u-u-us!! W.willing and ready to give up my b.balls, m-
Nu-u-u-u-u-u-u-uts. Willing and ready to give up my nuts, my dick and my miserable life for Her, so help me God.
Exactly! Don’t you ever forget it, slave.
No, Mistress, he said and his face beamed with relief. His ordeal was ove-
Now, let’s do one of Shakespeare’s plays, shall we? Only 14,701 words; it’s called “Comedy of Errors”. Here we go!


♬ Her hand with the rope goes round and round
Round and round, round and round
Her hand with the rope goes round and round
All around his scrotum ♬

Lisa wrapped the rope around his cock and his balls five times, tied it off and pulled the loose end of the rope. She had already slapped, kicked, kneed, squeezed, clamped, caged and tortured the mangled remains of his manhood, so one pull was enough to make him moan in agony. And that was music to Her ears. She tied his hands behind his back and a short whipcord around his ankles. She grinned and started to drag him around the house like a dog on a leash. He tried to follow Her as fast as he could, but the whipcord only allowed him to take small steps.
Don’t be so goddamn lazy, She snapped, get a move on!
She tugged the rope hard. He gasped for air and screamed in pain. His balls turned from dark-red to purple and then into blue. Fascinating stuff.
She yanked him down the stairs, into the garden. He begged for mercy, begged Her to slow down, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead, She pulled the rope even harder. So much power, just by using a simple piece of rope. She loved it!
Please, Mistress, please not so hard, you’re castrating me!
She stopped and turned around with a big smile on Her face: Now, there’s a thought!


A few months ago you told Me you can’t wear a Chastity Cage, because your penis suffers from claustrophobia. I thought that was funny and decided to let you off the hook. But I told you again and again not to masturbate without My permission, correct? Yes, I stuffed a sock in your mouth and taped your mouth with duct tape, but you can nod, can’t you? There we go, good boy. Yet, I caught you red-handed, wank-handed & dick-handed yesterday. I know you like caning and love whipping, so we’re not going to do that today. Because you need to be punished, not rewarded. So, on the first day of your punishment your balls will be in a wooden Humbler. And, because you’re so fond of whipping, I will whip your trapped balls into a pulp. I know, I know, you’re exited, but stop mumbling behind your gag, because I don’t understand what you’re saying. On the second day your family jewels will find peace in a Stainless Steel Spiked Ball Stretcher. Isn’t that fun? No? Well, we’ll see about that. And on the third and final day of your punishment your scrotum will be inside a cock-and-ball board. Don’t look so scared, slave, the unbearable pain will go away within three weeks. Or four. Sometimes five. Max six to seven weeks. And then you (and you alone) have to choose between a real-deal Chastity Device or an appointment at the Slave Castration Service (SCS).


The invention of sliced bread, the wheel and the Internet changed human society forever. Be that as it may, but I honestly think the Remote Control Cock Shock Ring should be added to this list. Well, a short version that is, because the name is much too long. Training a slave is a time consuming business. It takes weeks to get through his thick skull and it often feels like flogging a dead horse. It’s exhausting and quite frustrating at times. This lovely piece of kit changes all that. All that needs to be done is to push the button and watch the magic happen. And I assure you: the results are astonishing. From slow brain to fast learner in a jiffy! It’s miraculous! I love to see the panic in his eyes and hear the hysteria in his voice as he begs Me to stop. Yeah, if only ….. He has to squirm and suffer, because it teaches him how to obey blindly. And this device is just what the doctor ordered. Shockingly good, I would say.