• The board is divided into an inner- and an outer area. The game ends once you have reached the centre of the board (where the guy jumps up like an idiot). That’s easier said than done, because there’s only one entry point (the green traffic light with the text Access to level 2). Your token has to land on the traffic box, otherwise you’ll have to go around again.

  • Same goes for the inner area (Femdom Minefield). Your token has to land on the Game Over box in order to complete the game. Otherwise you have to go around the Minefield once again.

  • The original file is 17.1 MB, the actual footprint is 50 x 50 centimeters (5906 x 5906 pixels). Drop me a line if you want a free copy of the original file, ok? I use WeTransfer to send you the file; it’s free, simple, safe and fast. Have fun!

(here’s a small version of the actual footprint)