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To say that Goddess Nikki was a natural born dominant, is just as farfetched as saying that I’m Albert Einstein’s grandson. However, She was a lovely Femdom/Fetish model and Her popularity started in 2015. Seems like you guys can’t get enough of Goddess Nikki, the Men-Are-Slaves website wrote that year. And so Nikki whipped, scissored, spat, slapped and humiliated to Her heart’s content. Or should I say: to our heart’s content. She may have been a model more than a Mistress, but She had a natural feel for the camera. Her lovely smile, Her calm voice and Her amazing beauty made Her the ideal Girl-Next-Door with a naughty twist. And yet, it all lasted just five years and it’s about to end in a few days time. I’ve decided to move on to other things and will stop accepting new signups to my website on May 1st, followed by having my content removed on June 1, She wrote on the Goddess Nikki’s Cum Countdown website (no doubt the website will continue under its original name: Cum Countdown). Nikki will be sorely missed by Her many fans, no question about it. But Brat’s, Princesses and Young Goddesses come and go in a flash; it all happened before and it will happen again. The Next Nikki Next is already anxiously waiting to take the stage, I’m sure of that.