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Every Friday Her Ladyship visits the Ritz for afternoon tea. Leaving Harold, the senior male servant, in charge of the house. But look at him! Standing there in front of Laura’s desk with his hands behind his back like a schoolboy. Laura is a mere kitchen maid, for God’s sake, so why on earth is Harold trembling?
Laura carefully studies the notes in Her ledger. You’re still giving Me hard time, Harold, She sighs. And I don’t understand why. Yes, I have you complete in My power and yes, all your hard earned money goes into My account. But what’s the big deal? It’s not the end of the world, is it?
This has to stop, he says with restrained anger in his voice, I can’t take it anymore.
She closes the ledger and nods in understanding. You’re right, you’re right. Let’s tell Her Ladyship the truth – that I caught you sniffing My panties. Get it over with. I can always give Her your filmed confession of course, but I think it’s best you tell Her personally. Come clean, get fired and spend the rest of your li-
Stop, please … he whispers. He looks so powerless and lost, so beaten and crushed. He swallows his pride and says: I apologise for my behaviour, it … it won’t happen again.
That’s correct, because who’s in charge here, Harold?
You are, Madame.
See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now, get the fuck back to work and send in My next victim.
Twelve, pale looking, servants are waiting in line in the hallway. The Housekeeper is waiting (caught gossiping about Her Ladyship), the Valet (just for being a dick) and the Coachman (caught kissing the Parlourmaid). The Under Butler is waiting for his turn (caught masturbating on the job) and, the biggest catch of all, the Gamekeeper (who writes naughty – very, very naughty – stories in his free time).
Flies caught in Her web, helpless and completely at Her mercy.


He opened his birthday present and immediately teared up when he saw the dog collar.
Am I getting a dog? Ohhhh, I have been dreaming of that since I was a wee boy. Is it a terrier? A spaniel perhaps? A poodle? A bulldog? Please tell me, darling, please! Does it have a name yet?? Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, what’s in a name, right? Ohhhh, I’m so exited, I can’t stop talking. You should have gagged me first, haha. You claw like a grumpy lioness, rule like a strict Governess … but underneath that facade of Female greatness and power, You’re such a sweet Woman. Bless You, darling, for making me so happy. Please, don’t hold me in suspension any longer! Where is it, where is the dog!
She looked at him as if he were a fossil of prehistoric times.
It’s in the room ….
IN THE ROOM!!!!!! he screamed.
He jumped off the couch like a flea with an itch. He kneeled down and looked under the couch, looked behind the big flower pots, under the cushions, behind the curtains, in the drawers.
Come here, you empty bag, She said. Give Me the collar and kneel down in front of Me.
Oh my God, he whispered in panic, You’re not sitting on the poor thing, are You, darling?
She ignored him and put the collar on his neck and attached a leash to the collar.
There you go! That’s My doggy. Say: WOOF.
The truth sank in with all its might. Unbelief en disappointment dripped from his face. Woof, he said, without a trace of enthusiasm.
Do that again and I have you neutered at the vets, She sneered.
WOOF, WOOF, he barked, jumping up and down and wagging his dick.
That’s better, She smiled. Now, it’s your birthday, soooooo …. how about some dog food!


The Femdom Pilgrimage is mandatory once every five years for all unowned slaves. The length of the journey is 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometres) and has to be completed on foot (the aid of any vehicle is prohibited). The slaves carry a Pilgrim Passport with them to be stamped (and checked!) several times a day. The many hostels, inns and lodgings along the route are run by Women. Don’t be surprised if you have to eat from the floor, sleep on a bed of nails, being smothered to sleep and slapped awake, because these lovely and hospitable hosts will stop at nothing to make your stay as uncomfortable as possible. Bless them! Sleeping rough is a criminal offence and will be dealt with appropriately and severely. And trust me, you don’t want to get in trouble with the Pilgrim Police! Yes, they are everywhere and they will check your documents again and again. And if they want you to clean their boots in the meantime, then do so without hesitation.
But let’s not dwell on that, just think of all the beautiful shrines you can visit along the way! The Temple of the Holy Boot for example or the Anal Altar, and, not to forget, the Urine Fountains, where pilgrims flock to quench their thirst.
I love the Pilgrimage, I really do. Because It’s such a beautiful way to live the dream of slavery to its fullest. I’m not just doing it because I have to, I’m doing it out of admiration for all Women. Yes, the paths can be steep and slippery, the weather can be foul and walking long distances can be exhausting … but that’s how it’s supposed to be! The journey should be challenging and humbling, so that we can become better slaves.
June 2176 – john


He rolled over the floor in pain, squealing like a pig, got to his knees and crawled to the door.
Where the hell do you think you’re going? Mistress Amanda hissed.
I … I am leaving, he sobbed, please … I … I’ve had enough.
She grabbed him by his hair and dragged him back.
You leave when I tell you to leave. She pulled him up like a sack of potatoes and pushed him against the wall. I only kneed you once, for God’s sake! ONCE! Are you for real? You told Me you are an experienced ballbusting slave. Was that a lie?
I’ve watched hundreds of ballbusting movies, he screamed in panic.
She slapped him across the face and he collapsed back on the floor, wailing like a wild animal. He grovelled in front of Her and pressed his face against Her feet.
Please Mistress, I beg You, please let me go ….
I’ve met My fair share of losers and clowns over the years, She said with utter contempt, but you are definitely one of the worst. Get out, you wimp, and don’t come back!
Thank You, he scried like a little boy, thank You so much.
Five hours later he posted a video on his channel and told his followers about his ballbusting session. He proclaimed himself to be a hero, because the Lady had kicked and kneed his balls for several hours, he said … But he did not feel a thing, he claimed … His gullible followers lapped it up without question. “There is no one like you,” one of his admirers wrote.
God, if only that were true.


My daughter Givmia da Whippa turned 19 last week. Unbelievable, time goes faster than a race chariot in the Circus Maximus. But what do you give to someone who has everything? I talked about it with some friends and in the end I decided to buy Her a slave. There are plenty of slaves in the house of course, but they are all mine. So this is going to be Her very first slave (the first of many to come in the future, no doubt). It really is a special moment in a young Woman’s life, because we all remember our first slave, right? Anyway, I bought him from a good friend who owns a Slave Farm located on the Via Domitia. She told me that the creature was born into slavery, neutered, in pristine condition and that he had a brain the size of a pea. Seriously, what more can a Lady ask for?
My daughter was chuffed to bits with Her present and immediately started slapping him around. So cute. But I advised Her to take it easy in the beginning. Command him with Your voice, I suggested, and do not chastise the Jupiter out him for not doing it right. Not yet. That time will come. Patience first, pain later. So praise him when he listens to Your commands or exhibits good behaviour. Make him willing to work, suffer and die for You. Not for fear of punishment, but because he worships You. Remember, I said, an eager and a well-trained slave is a joy forever.
I could tell She was disappointed, because Her hands were itching to smack the crap out of him. Mama, She pouted, what’s the point of having a dungeon if I can’t fully enjoy it?
Ah, the impatience of youth.


He was Her husband. But he was also Her slave. They were very discreet about it though, nobody knew or suspected a thing. Until … two of Her closest friends dropped by for a visit. Everything went well at first; harmless chatter, tea & biscuits. But then, out of the blue, his Wife (aka his Mistress) looked at him and said: Come here, slave.
The stirring stopped and you could hear a tea leaf drop. He didn’t know where to look and his face turned bright red.
He’s My slave, She explained, almost apologetically. He obeys Me in everything, literally everything. It’s wonderful and I can heartily recommend it. She looked at Her husband again. Don’t be shy, pet. Come here. On your knees. There we go, that’s a good boy.
The Ladies looked at Her (and him) with new eyes … and started laughing. And jeering. It was utterly humiliating and he looked helpless and lost. But his Mistress was right (as always), there was nothing he wouldn’t do for Her. Furthermore, She was the boss and She could do with him as She pleased. It was, in other words, a perfect marriage.
She took off one of Her high-heeled shoes and pressed it against his face.
Hold it in place, She commanded.
The delicious aroma of Her shoe made him dizzy. Waves of delight overtook him and he moaned loudly. The Ladies shrieked and laughed. Their voices stumbled over each other. When did it start? And how? Had She trained him? Did She punish him? REALLY? How?
He could only listen to half of it because he was completely absorbed in his own world. And Her shoe. He was a slave, HER slave, and was now ready to shout it from the rooftops.