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He rolled over the floor in pain, squealing like a pig, got to his knees and crawled to the door.
Where the hell do you think you’re going? Mistress Amanda hissed.
I … I am leaving, he sobbed, please … I … I’ve had enough.
She grabbed him by his hair and dragged him back.
You leave when I tell you to leave. She pulled him up like a sack of potatoes and pushed him against the wall. I only kneed you once, for God’s sake! ONCE! Are you for real? You told Me you are an experienced ballbusting slave. Was that a lie?
I’ve watched hundreds of ballbusting movies, he screamed in panic.
She slapped him across the face and he collapsed back on the floor, wailing like a wild animal. He grovelled in front of Her and pressed his face against Her feet.
Please Mistress, I beg You, please let me go ….
I’ve met My fair share of losers and clowns over the years, She said with utter contempt, but you are definitely one of the worst. Get out, you wimp, and don’t come back!
Thank You, he scried like a little boy, thank You so much.
Five hours later he posted a video on his channel and told his followers about his ballbusting session. He proclaimed himself to be a hero, because the Lady had kicked and kneed his balls for several hours, he said … But he did not feel a thing, he claimed … His gullible followers lapped it up without question. “There is no one like you,” one of his admirers wrote.
God, if only that were true.