Calling the Adult Chat Lines was great fun. Until the phone bill arrived, of course, that was never a laughing matter. Anyways, one day I told an anonymous Lady that I was looking for someone to sit on my face. Make Me a financial offer, She said. Two hours later the doorbell rang and there She was: a gorgeous ebony Lady, tall, slim, with long black hair and legs that went all the way up to the ceiling. We had a drink and a chat and then the doors of Heaven opened wide. She told me She’d never done this before, but She sat on my face like a Queen on a throne, man. It was fabulous, unforgettable and, needless to say, breathtaking.
Then, just before She left, She asked: Do you know where I live?
I was flabbergasted: Whe- no, I have no idea, I’ve neve-
I live just round the corner, less than a hundred meters away from you.
As it turned out, She had been living there already for two years. And yet, I’d never seen Her before in my life. What are the odds, right? True story! So yes, your future Mistress may live in a different city, another country or even on a different continent. But, at the same time; She might just as well be living in your neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from where you’re sitting right now.

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