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Some of these male creatures actually enjoy being punished. So a merciless bare bottom thrashing can either be a treat or a torture. Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Sinners should be punished, not rewarded. So we looked to the past for inspiration and what we found was simple and effective: the stool of repentance. It’s a high, four-legged, backless chair that will topple over if you do not sit completely upright. It’s meant to publicly shame and humiliate any who refuses to submit to Female rule and authority. At Liverpool, on May 16th, a rebellious slave was sentenced as followed: that he should sit in sackcloth, barefooted and barelegged, at the marketplace, on the repentance stool, from sunrise to sunset, during six consecutive Fridays.┬áThe stool of repentance can also be used to subdue the lying and seditious tongues of slaves. In Newport, on December 29th, a slave was sentenced for being untruthful and conduct unbecoming. He was condemned to sitting upon the stool of repentance, in the coldest of winters, during eight consecutive market days. Male creatures are famed for their arrogance, ignorance, short-sightedness, stubbornness and stupidity, which means the stool of repentance will be a hot seat for decades to come.
July 2107, Lady Laura – Have A Seat