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The doorbell rang. Which was annoying, because he was just about to watch a porn movie. He opened the door and immediately five Women swarmed in. One of them grabbed him by the throat and pressed a piece of cloth on his nose and mouth. ‘Chloroform,’ he thought, then everything went black. He woke up naked, cuffed and gagged, with five Women standing over him and looking down on him with superiority. He tried to scream for help, but the gag prevented that. Then his ordeal began. He was whipped, slapped, kicked and spat on. His balls got shocked and his ass got fucked. Mercilessly. In the end he lay helpless on the floor, as they pissed all over him. Then a sixth Lady entered the room.
Sir? Is this house number 44?
He looked up in pee and nodded.
Oops, She giggled, wrong number, Girls. We need to go to number 44-1.
They all looked down on him with new eyes. One of them bent down to him.
We will not charge you anything, OK? But the next time we will not be so lenient! Do I make myself clear?
He nodded fiercely.
Later that evening, after cleaning up and scrubbing the floor, he sat down on the couch. His ass was still on fire, but what puzzled him the most was the huge erection in his pants. He couldn’t wait for the doorbell to ring again, to be honest.