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She’d tied his ankles and hands to the four corners of the bed and had been teasing his dick for several hours. Again and again She stroked, kissed and sucked his penis until he was ready to blast a hole in the ceiling. But She didn’t allow him to cum. His hips twitched violently, pushing upwards, in a desperate attempt to push himself into orgasm. Which turned out to be just as useless as swimming without water, or running without legs. He screamed, begged, bribed and even cried for help. She was not impressed and kept him on the brink of orgasm. He was about to lose his mind and ready to pass out. Death was imminent, dramatically speaking.
I can’t take this anymore, he scried, with tears streaming down his face.
She stopped immediately and stood up.
You’re absolutely right, She said deadly serious, you just wind down and calm your mind, OK?
She opened the bedroom door.
No, no, I wanna cum. I wanna cum for You! Please! My sperm is boiling and I’m ready to explode!
Ah, that’s so sweet, She said all flowery. Then She stepped out of the room and closed the door to an unforgettable orgasm.