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She flew all the way from Prague to do a movie in my hometown. She wanted me to accompany Her as Her toy, private secretary, slap-around, onlooker, devotee, pet and moron. Yeah baby, I’m a Jack of all trades! The movie was about one Mistress and no less than seven slaves. I suggested the title Frostbite and the seven Dwarfs, but if looks could kill, I would have died on the spot. Anyways, She introduced Herself to the slaves, who stood side-by-side, naked to the dick. Right on that moment someone walked in and asked Her something.
I’ll be right back, She said to the talking dicks, left the dungeon and forgot all about the little fellows (small potatoes, you know). She returned one and a half hour later with make-up on, hair done and dressed in a gorgeous leather outfit. The dwarfs hadn’t moved an inch.
Oh my God, are you still here? She laughed in surprise and delight.
Then She took the reigns and dominated these guys with ease, precision, confidence and professionalism. She was a puppet Mistress who pulled all the strings; a conductor who conducted a symphony orchestra to create a masterpiece. I was truly in awe and mighty waves of submission rolled over me. So there you have it: it doesn’t matter if it’s one or one hundred slaves, a skilled Mistress is always in charge.