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She was too demanding for his taste, so he broke up with Her. They agreed to have one last dinner together at Her beautiful mansion. The evening was a bit surreal and uncomfortable, but he made the best of it. Then, round ninish, he became sleepy.  His vision blurred and sounds stilled.
W.what d.did You put in .. in .. my .. d.drink?
Oh, some sleeping pills, She smiled, nothing to worry about, My pet.
Her voice sounded lightyears away. He tried to get up, but his arms and legs wouldn’t let him. Then everything went black. He woke up with a steel collar around his neck, chained to a wall. His ex was sitting on a stool in the corner.
Brenda, he said with restrained anger, what is the meaning of this?
Well, She sighed, if you really must know, I collect ex-boyfriends.
Wha- wait a minute – what??
She giggled. Funny, isn’t it? Do you remember Steve?
Steve, my predecessor? Who immigrated to Australia five years ago?
Yeah … well … I named his cell Australia. So technically speaking, I wasn’t lying.
He’s here???
Yes. And Raoul. And Tom. And Mike.
Big Dick Mike is here as well??? Jesus, Brenda, he left years and years ago.
Leave, leave, that’s a big word. He moved from My bedroom to My dungeon, to be really honest with you. You see, no one breaks up with Me. No one.