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Yes, I run a tight ship, but I’m doing as nature intended. Because, let’s face it, Harold, you’re a man, a mistake on socks, an arse with teeth. You wouldn’t know what intelligence was, even if it smacked you in the face. But you want to be heard, you say, because you have feelings and desires as well. Now, I’m a reasonable Woman, you know that, so the floor is yours. Speak freely about anything you wish. Let’s hear it, Harold! 
She had Her husband tied to a chair and ball-gagged. He was drooling like a raging river.
Good, good, that’s a start. Let it all out, Harold!
He struggled frantically in his ropes and roared like a caged lion.
Good point, love it.
This went on for half an hour and then he gave up, because he was about to drown in his own drool. Her smiled melted away and huge glaciers moved into Her eyes. Her mood and the temperature in the room changed dramatically.
There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here today, Harold. You’re a slave, and slaves don’t live in a democracy. If you want to be heard, then go to the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday. For the rest of the time, keep your trap shut and do as you’re told.