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So, we finally meet, his brand new stepmother said.
Halle-fucking-lujah, the teenage lad said sarcastically.
She slapped him once, and almost unconscious.
No swearing, young man! I will not tolerate that.
Shit that hurts! Are you nuts, or what? My dad wi-
The second slap was even harder and he flew through the kitchen like a pancake gone wrong. His head was spinning round and round and his jaw was burning like a fireplace on a winter’s day.
Your dad is My slave, he will do whatever I tell him to do.
Oh yes! I’m a dangerous Lady, young man. I can torture your nipples, or genitals, leave you breathless under my ass, fuck you senseless with My strap-on or whip you in half. Do you want Me to go on?
No, he whispered.
No, what?
N.no … uh … stepmother.
Don’t be absurd, no one calls his stepmother stepmother. You can address Me as Ma’am.
Yes, Ma’am, he said meekly.
There we go, like father, like son, mmm? All in the family. From now on, I will spank you if you misbehave, cage you if you go out without asking Me first, or castrate you if you masturbate without My permission. Now, that’s a lot to take in, I understand that. So go to your room, lights out at ten.
Ten?? I … that’s absu… uh … ok, fine … fine, Ma’am.
God, She loved the married life.