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Years ago, My husband foolishly agreed to be My slave. He quickly regretted it, but I had him by the balls and I was not planning on letting him go. I’m not a coldhearted bitch (I’m much worse that that), so I introduced Handjob-Day. It’s held twice a year and all he has to do is hold back an orgasm for eight minutes. And be honest: what’s eight minutes in the scheme of things, right? If he succeeds, he’s a free man. If not, he will be My slave for another six months. Now, My dear husband is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, because he really thinks he has a fighting chance. How pathetic. He’s a walking vulnerability, an open book. I don’t even have to wear shiny boots, a mini-skirt or a leather jacket; mentioning it is enough to drive him crazy. Touching his penis makes him quiver and shake, and his body arches in immediate response. His dick is already leaking like a broken sewer pipe, and I haven’t even started yet! And he wants to fight ME? Come on! I can give an erection to an eunuch, for God’s sake, and I can make my husband cum just by looking at his dick. He cums whenever I please and he will be my fucking slave till the end of time.