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His wife was all for equality (She said), didn’t believe in domineering (She claimed) and was always willing to listen (She asserted). However, She handled all the money and his salary went straight into Her account. So he had to ask for money if he wanted to buy something. Sometimes he was lucky, sometimes he wasn’t. Questioning Her decisions was tantamount to insult. So he kept his mouth shut. Well, he tried anyway.
I am too good for this world, She said one day, because I have decided to give you pocket money. $50 a week, how does that sound?
He couldn’t believe his ears: Wow!! That sounds grea-
That’s the gross allowance, of course. This figure is reduced by a charge of $15 a week for the work I put in behind the scenes. Which leaves a sum of $35 a week.
Well … … OK … … yes, yes, tha–
I also have to charge you for board. Meals, clothes, electricity, gas; it all has to be paid for somehow. So, $18 a week for board. Which leaves a sum of $17 a week. Happy?
He opened his mouth in protest, but She slapped it shut.
Don’t interrupt Me! Where was I? Oh yes, you also have to pay Me a reasonable sum of $15 a week, which goes straight into My clothing account. You don’t want your lovely Wife wearing rags, do you? No, you don’t! So, it leaves you with a net allowance of €2 a week.
He couldn’t believe his ears (part II): That’s not even enough to buy a pair of socks!
Alright, She sneered, if you don’t wan-
No, no, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. That was ungrateful of me. I apologise.
Jeez, Harold, She said, shaking Her head, I can’t believe how greedy you are sometimes.


It was Sunday, so I handed over my pocket-money to Karin.
You don’t have a weekend job, do you?
That was a strange question, because She knew that perfectly well.
No … I said, with a tone of hesitation in my voice.
Well, that’s going to change, because this
(she waved the money in front of my face) is just a pittance. So here’s what we’ll do: find yourself a job for Saturdays and the holidays. I want to know where you’re going to work, for how many hours and how much I get paid. Now, if you behave exceptionally well and do exactly as I say, I’ll give you a few coins from time to time. 
And that was that, end of story. I ended up working in a grocery store from eight in the morning to six in the evening. My boss was a bad-tempered old man who complained a lot and worked a little. I didn’t really care; the tougher the day, the more rewarding it was. Amazing to see how a submissive brain is wired! Handing over my hard-earned money became the highlight of the week for me. I had to bow, give Her the money and thank Her for allowing me to work for Her. Man, I loved it so much.
I was Her working mule for two years and handed Her all the money. She never gave me a cent. I didn’t earn it, She said.