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The Frankfurter Femdom & Fetish Fair was an enormous success, with tons of kinky, naughty and inspiring vendors, manufacturers, shows, educational sessions and workshops. There was also a Sub-Tombola with very fine prizes. For example: 12 Face-Slaps (prize number 10), 15 Kicks-to-the-Groin (number 150), a 30-minutes cuddle with the finest Nipple-Clamps (number 120) or a No-Bullshit-Bullwhipping encounter (prize number 70). Then a bald-headed, beer-bellied guy drew a ticket out of the revolving drum and held it up. It was number 100: the big prize, the jackpot! Immediately a marching band marched in, playing he’s a jolly good fellow. The man was stripped, forced to bend over and strapped to a BDSM table.
Ladies & gentlemen, Mistress Tombola said in the microphone, let’s hear it for the winner! He has won the coveted prize, the dream of all dreams … the-e-e-e-e Strap-On Marathon!!
We cheered loudly, because we were so glad it was him, not us. There was a long queue of Women, strapped-on to the teeth, to have a go at him. One after the other rammed the missile in his enormous ass and fucked his brains out. The poor man was screaming in agony, so the marching band played a few uplifting tunes to bring the atmosphere back in. Rumour has it that 126 Women “congratulated” the prize-winner in this fashion.