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They have tortured you for three days. Three long days in which you did not get much sleep, in which you had to eat your meals off the floor and had to beg for a few sheets of toilet paper. They wanted you to confess that you were a member of an anti-Femdom gang and demanded the names of your accomplices. They yelled at you, slapped, kicked and whipped you. They pulled a bag over your head, attached electrodes to your testicles and pushed your head under water until you almost drowned. And now, as fast and unexpected as lightning on a cloudless day, now you’ve reached breaking point. You can’t take it anymore. But you don’t just break; you collapse like a house of cards. The words are flowing from your mouth,¬†unstoppable, like a raging river. Because the more you talk, the sooner all this is over. That’s what you’re thinking, right?
But that’s not how it works, son. These Women are not going to stop because you have had enough. They delight in making you suffer. So your willingness to cooperate is not the end of your suffering, it’s merely the beginning. You haven’t seen anything yet and in the next couple of days you are going to confess to the most absurd accusations. Why? Because they want you behind bars, their bars, for as long as possible. Believe me, you’re here to stay for a long time.