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The collar was there, all it needed was a leash. Because a collar without a leash is like a clamp without a nipple, a strap-on without an anus, a boot without a heel, a kick without a groin, a prison without a cell. It took a while though, but then, one glorious day, She clicked the leash onto his collar. Suddenly She was bathed in light and shone more brilliantly than the sun. She slapped him in the face and destroyed the beautiful apparition in the process. The Bitch. Still, it was an unforgetabble moment, because to him a leash was like a umbilical cord that connected a lowlife piece of shit like himself to the divine beauty and power of a Lady. It was pure magic, as far as he was concerned.
She took him to a Fetish Party and ordered him on all fours. I don’t want any pressure on the leash, She said. Her voice send legions of shivers down his spine and he almost got misty eyed. No pressure on the leash was easier said than done though, because he had to crawl through a forest of legs. Mistress was not pleased with his performance and She beat him black, blue and purple. Still, he loved every second of it. This happened at least a year ago and She never used the leash ever since. But he does not despair. Because he knows that someday, somewhere, somehow he will be re-leashed.