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When I order you to cum for Me, I expect you to be quick and snappy about it. I’ve got better things to do than watch you play with your needle. But, you know Me, always willing to help, so I’ve got just the solution for you!
She put a large plastic bag over his head and wrapped some tape around his neck.
I know, I’m breathtaking, She grinned. Now, cum like a geyser or go forever, it’s up to you.
Thank God for a naughty dick, because that thing was already on its feet. True, he panicked a bit and gasped for air. And yet, it made him even hornier. He was barely able to see anything as the plastic got all sweaty inside. It expanded and contracted with each breath. He began to see black spots and his vision became blurred. There was no air left and he sucked the plastic into his mouth. Which was both terrifying and extremely exiting. He screamed and came violently. Sperm spewed into the air. He didn’t know it at the time, but a jet of sperm landed on a framed picture of Her sister. For which he paid dearly later on.
She ripped the plastic and allowed him breathe. Good old oxygen flowed into his lungs again.
Good, slave … but we’re not there yet. Next time we’ll use a smaller bag.
And She sure as hell didn’t mean an airbag, man.