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Are you a bit of a gambling man? She asked.
That was weird, he’d just told Her about his mortgage, the alimony and his gambling debts.
As I ju-
I bet you are. Well, I believe in luck, in destiny, in numbers. So I will think of a number between one and ten. Guess it right and glory, glory hallelujah.
He had no idea what She was talking about: Three?
THREE?? Why on earth would it be three??  She shook Her head. Absurd! Try again!
He looked bewildered and confused: F.five?
She doubled up with laughter. Five! Hilarious. If you had guessed it right, then I would have paid all your debts. But now … well, now you leave Me with no other choice then to fire you.
WHAT!! He ejected from his chair like a human cannonball. WHY? You can’t do this to me, Angela! Without an income I will be destitute within weeks.
Man, don’t be so overdramatic. Alright, Jesus!, you can keep your job. On one condition.
He was overjoyed: Thank You so much! And yes, of course, name it!
From now on you will be My slave.
W.what?? His smile crumbled and fell.
You heard Me!
I … I … don’t understand … w.what does that mea-
Alright John, goodbye! Have a good life.
Stop! Stop! OK … I will … you know … do it.
Do what exactly, John? Shout it as loud as you can! NOW!!!!
She smiled. That’s right. Your number is up.