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He wasn’t thinking (easy), wasn’t talking (difficult), wasn’t paying attention (as usual). So it took a while before he realised that they were looking at him.
not exactly a carpenter, he heard his Mistress say, give him a box of nails and you have to explain the hammer.
They laughed.
Thanks for letting Me borrow him for two weeks, Lady Rain said with a wicked smile.
BORROW ?!? He was ready to shout, shout and let it all out, but managed to control himself. His eyes were screaming like a heavy metal band and his heart was about to get a ticket for speeding. Please, not Lady Rain! He was terrified of Her! She hated men, hated dicks and She absolutely hated men with dicks. His eyes sought refuge by his Mistress. Surely She would protect him!
You’re more than welcome, dear, She said, do with him as you wish. He’s all yours.
WHAT! He couldn’t believe his ears! This wa-
I’ll try not to damage him, Lady Rain grinned. Well, not too much, anyway.
He couldn’t file a complaint, organise a demonstration, or start a signature campaign. He was simply powerless to do anything about it. And so She took him home. And the cane Rained down on him like a flood of Biblical proportions. No mercy, no quarter, no surrender. She was everything he feared She would be. Only worse. Much worse.