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Picture the scene: you’re facedown on the bed, with your bottom way up in the air. Man, there’s enough meat on your ass to start a bloody restaurant, isn’t there? Anyways, let’s not get into that. Your Mistress walks into the room and sits down on your back, facing your mighty ass. The full weight of Her beauty is pressing down on you, and that’s an incredible sexy feeling. She has brought some goodies: a paddle, a brush, a belt, a frying pan and two strong hands. She starts with Her hands, followed by the pan, the brush, the paddle and the unforgiving belt. The pain isn’t too bad at first, but gets worse quickly. You fear the belt, and for good reason, because it can literally bring you to tears. You’re begging Her to stop, but your plea falls on deaf ears, because She doesn’t do half measures. A true spanking starts when you really want it to end, She says, and desperate times call for desperate measures. You have no clue what She means by that, you only know that your ass is in desperate pain. And so the¬†punishment is, as always, extremely long, hard and merciless. Then, after God knows how long, She looks down on your blistered and raw skin and decides to call it 1) a day, 2) a triumph and 3) a thing of beauty.
Get up, She snaps, you can’t lay in bed all day, now can you? You lazy pig!