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An incoming text message woke him up from a deep sleep.
Come to My house AT ONCE!! Come by bicycle!!!!!
He frowned. Why on earth did he have to use his bike?? Then he heard the rain pattering against the window and the penny dropped. Wicked, wicked Lady! Her message sounded urgent, so he jumped out of bed like an acrobatic flea, grabbed his clothes, his rain suit and a towel (She hated dripping slaves, man, She really did).
It wasn’t raining, it was bucketing down. The night was stormy as well and he had to be careful not to be blown over. By the time he got to Her house, he was panting like a marathon runner with hemorrhoids. He went to the shed, took off his rain gear, dried his hair, face and hands with the towel and knocked on the backdoor.
You took your time, She thundered with a lot of headwind.
I’m so sorry, Mi-
Yeah, yeah, I heard it all before. Get your lazy ass inside, get the dustpan & brush and sweep that up. She pointed at the few grains of sugar on the kitchen floor. He didn’t frown (wise), didn’t raise his eyebrows (wise too) and didn’t ask (wise again); he grabbed the dustpan & brush and swept the floor. It took him less than twenty seconds.
Good! Now, get out and go home. I’m tired and I want to go to bed. Move it!


Countess von Dick bis Scrötum was without doubt the most dominant person he had ever met. Her piercing eyes, the predatory tone in Her voice, the directness of Her questions; it was all very intimidating. And extremely sexy! So when She offered him a job, he gladly took it. In return She took his wallet, passport, cellphone, creditcards and all his passwords and stuff. She even took his clothes and gave him a striped prison uniform instead. He was forced to sleep in a damp, filthy underground cellar of Her enormous estate. She had a household of 122 slaves and his first few months were a hellish nightmare of pain and suffering. Because She believed in strict discipline and total submission to Her will. She was the Countess of Countless Punishments and was, oddly enough, not familiar with the word mercy. Serving and working for Her was a 24/7 occupation, because She didn’t believe in weekends for slaves. Let alone holidays. The very idea itself was absurd. But you know what? In spite of everything, he wouldn’t miss it for the world. He was perhaps a victim of Her beauty and a prisoner of Her power, but She gave his life a sense of purpose and direction. This was what he was born to do.