I opened the front door and came face to face with an incoming fist that sent me back to where I came from. I landed on my back and seconds later a blonde nymph dropped down on my chest and jammed the barrel of a gun into my mouth. Demolishing my front teeth in the process. My dick jumped up and down in my pants, because She was one of the Ladies of the Hitwoman Roleplaying Association (HRA)! She looked over Her shoulder at the eruption between my legs.
No need to introduce Myself, I see, She grinned. You know exactly who I am. Say: yes Mistress.
Heff Mifpfeff, I said, with a mouthful of barrel.
I quit My job at HRA, She continued, because I’m not really into roleplaying and stuff. I’m more a real-deal-kind-a-Girl, do you know what I mean? I’m now a fulltime assassin. So you’re really, really, really going to give your life for Me today, how cool is that! It’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?
Heff Mifpfeff, I drooled.
She put Her hand on my high explosive groin and smiled.
No doubt you’ve had a downright miserable life, but your death is going to be spec-ta-cu-lair! You’re going to die with an enormous erection and a smile on your face. So, let’s count down, shall we … ten … nine … eight …
Man, She was so hot and She played the role so convincingly!! What a lovely actress! I was so glad that I had booked a se-

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