You have been out of work for a year. Is that correct, male P-32-611-06?
Yes, Madame. He pulled an envelope from his inside jacket pocket and put it on the table.
She looked inside the envelope: What is this?
It’s … a … a … gift, Madame, a gift of encouragement. That’s it!! A gift of encouragement!
We are not allowed to take money, She said, but in this case I would like to make an exception.
He grinned from ear to ea-
However!! Attempting to bribe an officer is a serious crime that should be dealt with by the full force of the law. I therefore sentence you to five years in prison for attempted bribery.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, he panicked, I just gave you an envelope full of cash!
She slapped Her hand on the table: BE QUIET!!
He cringed in his chair.
Immediately upon your release, you will be transferred to a Hard Labour Camp in the wilderness of Alaska for a period of two years. It can be terribly cold up there, so don’t forget to take a scarf with you. She laughed out loud.
Please, Madame! His scream echoed through the room. I beg you to reconsider! I am a weak and frail man, unable to do ha-
QUIET!! Do not interrupt Me again or I will double your punishment! She took a deep breath. Your accounts will be seized, because someone has to pay for your food, clothing, transportation and accommodation and it’s not going to be us. So, good luck, goodbye, cheerio, bon voyage and don’t forgot to send us a postcard!
September 2144, San Francisco – The Unemployment Agency

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