In spite of the successful Female Uprising and the crushing defeat of the male armies in the battle at Kohi Tra, there are still male creatures who are in denial of what happened. Villains who still believe this is a man’s world and who see themselves as heroes and demigods. They are clearly suffering from mental health illnesses and fantasy disorders. We, Superior Women, have a duty of care towards these delusional creatures. So we arrest them and take them to Bethlem Hall, the most notorious asylum in the land. Easy to get in, hard to get out, because it is not for the male patient to decide when to get discharged. No sir! Some of them will be detained indefinitely. I know, I know, some people say these men need a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, a willing ear and a few kind words. Yeah, screw all that, it’s not a nursing home, for God’s sake! The Bethlem Bitches are not interested in boring stories and lame excuses. Trust Me, they’ve heard it all before. Instead of giving compassion and empathy, they give the bastards shock therapy. Voltage fun! Electro wands, stimulators, electro penis bands & pads, electro clamps and even electro urethral sounds that go all the way up the penis and boils the testicles like eggs. But here is the remarkable thing: some of these weirdos love it! Crying for mercy with a rock hard penis is quite a common thing, I was told.
April 2117 – Dorothy Messing: Behind the Walls of Bethlem Hall

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