Avoid walking through the neighbourhood after dark, the Female police officer said. There’s a Female Gang operating in the streets who attacks anyone with a penis (aka dick, willy, cock, shaft, pecker, phallus). The male victim is assaulted at gunpoint and gets locked up in a chastity device. Once Captain Cock is behind bars, the victim is free to go. He will, of course, try everything to remove the device. All his attempts will be unsuccessful, fruitless and in vain, because the chastity cage is made of a newly created material that is so hard that it cannot be cut. It can probably only be removed with the help of a demolition expert, but it’s not something I would advise anyone to do. It leaves such a mess.
Anyway, the nights of masturbating are over. Cage closed, one might say in a merry sort of way. However, the key to happiness, aka: the road to cock & sperm, can be obtained by paying a hefty sum of money to the gang. So, strictly speaking it’s not ransomware, but … well … hardware.
The policemen are still in the dark of what is going on. But they do know this: the members of this gang wear a special group-, gang-, membership pin, like this one here.
The attractive Police Officer proudly pointed at Her pin (in the shape of a chastity cage with a red dagger running through), on the lapel of Her shirt.

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