She cranked the winch until I stood on tiptoe with arms raised over my head. I was as vulnerable as a house of cards during an earthquake. God, She looked so spectacular in Her satin boxing shorts! What a Lady! I admit I was a bit nervous, because I had never been punched before. But come on, how painful could it be, right? Going to the denti-
Suddenly, She hit me in the stomach. The blow wasn’t that hard, but harder than I had imagined. She grinned and hit me in my left side. Harder this time and I groaned.
Then She opened the floodgates and a thunderstorm of punches, knees, kicks and elbows rained down on me. Punches to my belly and arms; knees to the side of my body; kicks to my chest & legs and elbows to my ribs. And then, without warning, She slapped my cock straight down between my legs. And when my pride-and-joy returned from the dark side of the moon, She slapped him again. And again. And yet again. As if She was hitting the speed bag! I screamed and swung helplessly back and forth like a monstrous pendulum. Tick-Dick-Tick-Dick-Tick-Dick.
I know, I know, She said with an almost apologetic tone, I’m just an amateur. My sister, however, is trained in Kickboxing. She’s due to arrive and is dying to have a go at you. Isn’t tha- Ah, the doorbell! That will be Her. Don’t move, I’ll be right back.
Her laughter echoed through the hallway.

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