O, thee foolish and blindeth men
Thee disobedient and rebellious servants
Thee shall be damned to eternal flames of pain

The sky was completely dark and in front of me were six fiery pits, filled with hundreds of thousands of naked men, many of whom were weeping and gnashing their teeth.
Women are superior in everything, a Woman’s voice thundered. These wicked men refused to submit to our authority and disobeyed our commandments. They are brought to this place from which there is neither escape nor deliverance. Here they shall be tormented indefinitely. 
And lo and behold; thousands of them were slapped all day, everyday; others were constantly swept away in raging floods of saliva and urine. Some were smothered and choked for millions & billions of years and in the 4th pit Goddess Ḥeraht-Shā, wearing a black top hat, wielded hundreds and hundreds of whips at the same time and lashed out with full force. A perpetual thrashing that went on forever and ever and ever. In the 5th pit the men stood bent over and Goddess Ȧhet-Uluaā used an enormous red-hot dildo to fuck them up the ass forevermore. The sickening smell of burning flesh almost made me throw up. But the scenes in the last pit were truly the stuff of nightmares. That pit was under the charge of Goddess Ḥāpi-Ḳereḥet, who hacked, slashed and ripped off penises and threw them in the fire. Not once, but endlessly and for all eternity. The shrieks and cries coming from that pit will haunt me forever.
Fred Burns – No Rest For The Wicked.

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