Good morning, slaves.
GOOD MORNING, MANAGING DIRECTOR, the men replied in unison.
Our company has ‘Rules & Regulations’ to ensure order and discipline on the work floor. And what does our FCH (Femdom Company Handbook) say about touching oneself and fiddling with one’s privates during work time?
WORK FIRST, PENIS LATER, they yelled as one man.
Correct. But there’s always someone who doesn’t understand … Isn’t that right, slave 228-P-12?
I’m s.sorry, Managing Director, a pale looking slave whispered.
Oh, you’re going to be sorry allright. We’ll give you something to remember for days to come. Each time you sit down. She smiled and turned towards Miss Winter (Manager Web & Whip) and Miss Summer (Assistant Manager Sales & Slaps). Strap him to the bench, Ladies.
He was stripped, strapped and ready to go.
Slave 228-P-12, the Managing Director said, you are sentenced to 150 strokes with the lash and 100 strokes with the cane. There will be no mercy and no stopping.
She looked at the faces before Her and a deadly silence fell on the men.
We don’t like repeat offenders, She slowly said. As a matter of fact: we despise them. If this piece of shit is caught again for the same offence, he will be …?
CASTRATED, the slaves cheered.
They all laughed. All but one.

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