Come here slave.
He looked up from his dick and crawled to Her.
You’re really in love with your penis, aren’t you? She shook Her head in disbelief. Well, let’s see if we can take that admiration to the next level.
He felt a glow of happiness spread all over his face. Was She really going to take a picture of his monumental cock, print it, frame it and hang it on Her bedroom wall? Had that day finally come?
She unlocked his chastity cage, ordered him to masturbate like a rabbit and cum in a plastic cup. He almost teared up from happiness, because it wasn’t even the end of the year yet! He was a man, not blessed with an abundance of brain cells and completely oblivious of what was coming. He embraced his dick as if it were a long lost friend and filled the cup in no time.
Such a good boy, She smiled. Now, drink it.
He looked shocked and stared at the thick, white, jelly-like substance in his cup.
C.can I have a diet coke instead, Mistress?
Shall I put your dick in the toaster, slave?
Man, She can be so persuasive!
He shivered, swallowed it down and gagged several times.
Thank you Mistress, that was a real treat.
Glad you liked it slave, She smiled, we’ll do it again tomorrow.

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