I did (and still do) lots and lots of family research to find out more about my ancestors. Some were successful and quite wealthy, others ended up in the workhouse. Some lived a long life, many others died young. Some were sentenced to jail (for petty theft mostly), one was flogged and died in prison and one of my ancestors was hanged for murder in February 1803. Some received the Yad Vashem title of “Righteous Among the Nations” for helping Jewish families during WW2, several family members died in Nazi concentration camps, while someone else in the family was sentenced to jail by a war tribunal for collaborating with the Nazis. One brother joined Napoleon’s Grand Armée and died during Napoleon’s catastrophic invasion of Russia; while the other brother fought against Napoleon at Waterloo. Many of them were born, got married and died in the same village, others crossed the Atlantic Ocean and found a new home in America. A view of my ancestors became locally famous, others nationally, and at least one of them became world famous: Mata Hari. It’s such an honour to be related to Her, it really is. I often wonder, as I go through the stories of my ancestors, if somewhere, somehow, Female Domination played a (tiny) role in their life as well. Because who knows, maybe I’m not the first to embrace the superiority of Women. Maybe it’s all in the family.

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