There were a lot of people at the party, but it was not insanely crowded. The Mistresses were in a rebellious mood and one of them ordered me to kneel down in front of Her. She took some lipstick from Her purse and started painting my face. Not gently, but as if She was smearing butter on a slice of bread.
Much, much better, one of the other Ladies giggled.
I had to take off my shirt and several Mistresses dug in to help and used my skin for canvas. Not only with lipstick, but with thick, black markers as well. A Woman’s purse is a thing of miracles and wonders, no question about it.
A Lady in red walked by and looked at my forehead.
By all means, She said and slapped me brutally hard in the face.
I didn’t know it yet, but someone had written SLAP ME on my forehead. There was also a red arrow on my cheek, pointing up, together with the words VACANT ROOM. And there was an arrow on my belly, pointing down, with the words: KICK-A-DICK.
Later that night Mistress pulled out a compact mirror and opened it for me to see. Man, my face looked like a lipstick massacre.
You look very cute, She teased.
I forced my Lancôme Absolute Rouge lips in something of a smile.


  1. This site is fantastic im a short 5f5 obediant highly submissive male fixed in a world where women ruled earth and only men who women desired to keep in higher possition may retain some manhood but me id desire the full transformation i knoe il never be a real beautful girl but because i take female hormoans and have always had dirty desires and well had my clitty surpressed till i was 16 and im short and have always had a bigger but and the need to serve women even teachers in my school used to arouse me when they told me off . Now 26 i no im not alpha male and knoe how rare and wonderful it would be to find a women who loves control id be the very best subject owned object any women could have. I wear corsets shave all over my body and make a effort and enjoy going through all the hardships women have to endure with us sick minded men . I do obey the rules i knoe im infirer to women and real alpha men but the world just dont seem right in my life im not gay i really love women but the women im seing on here wow supreme females showing me you exsist xxxx hope this site stays forever xxxx

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