In the reign of Queen Sasha in 2142, the Whipping Act was passed, directing that disrespectful, disobedient, lazy or downright stupid slaves were to be taken to a square, market place or other public place and to be publicly whipped from the middle upwards. Whipped until the body should be bloody. The notorious Judge Victoria II, once said to the Lady Torturer: I charge you to pay particular attention to this piece of shit. Scourge him soundly, scourge him till his blood runs down! A few months ago, at Nottingham, a young slave, aged twenty, was found guilty of lying and was, by order of the Court of Quarter Sessions, tied to the tail of a cart and whipped all the way up from Maid-Marian-Road to High-Heel-Cross. There are 129 whipping-posts in the city of Nottingham alone right now. The male slaves lament their woes, but to no avail. Because men have mistreated Women over the centuries, and what goes around comes around, as the old saying goes. March 2167, Madame Ellen – The Downfall Of Men.


  1. The glimpse into the future of the Female Dominant was indeed an eye opener. As a lowly, bottom bitch-boi, it was truly an honor to be in the presence of such refind beauties capable of ecolving at such an extraordinary rate.

    They do indeed set a remarkable rate of improvement in all areas. The far less genetically improved, beta male will have to double his efforts in order to retain his third rate position
    well behind the Supeeior Ladies.

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