A serious slave should take 1) the vow of poverty (surrendering all earthly possessions to his Mistress), 2) the vow of obedience (for She knows everything), 3) the vow of chastity (She is the rightful owner of his pathetic penis) and 4) the vow of silence (also known as: only speak when spoken to). The vow of silence is generally considered to be an ordeal, because most slaves love to hear the sound of their own voice. Polluting the air with nonsense is his favourite pastime, so it’s time to shut him up and put him in his place. So, what do do? Rip out his cackling tongue and feed it to the dogs? Optional, but somewhat drastic, I should say. Nail his tongue to the antique salon table? Again: optional, but such a waste of a lovely table, wouldn’t you say? Back in the day they used a brank to silence someone: a iron framework, which was placed on the head, with a plate of iron in front which was to be placed in the mouth of the victim. At the end of the plate was a ball with sharp iron pins that would pin the tongue and effectively silence even the noisiest one. The ball gag is a modern and more humane version of the good old brank. And, most importantly, just as effective. Like its predecessor, it will reduce Your slave to a mute and drooling idiot. Peace and quiet at last!

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