I will then implant a post-hypnotic suggestion into his subconscious mind, the mesmerising Lady said. All that’s needed is a trigger to activate it. A trigger can be anything: a specific word, a place, a song, a scent etc. Even time can be a trigger. For example: I can tell a slave to visit the house of Mistress X in 17 days, 14 hours, 59 minutes and 34 seconds from now. He may forget all about it, but at the appointed time he feels an unstoppable need to go to Her house. And if it turns out that all the bridges in the land will be open for the next twelve hours, he will row, or swim, to the other side in order to get there.
Her words caused some laughter in the crowd.
It’s not a conscious choice, She continued, something urges him to do so. Another example: your slave is constantly horny. All too common among men, I would say. So the hypnotist puts the suggestion in his mind that he can’t  get an erection until his Wife gives him permission. That’s it, from hardware to software in the blink of an eye. You can make his penis as lifeless as an ancient burial site. One more example: he will be spanked at 17:00 hours. Each day, every day. Not by You, not by anyone else. There’s no one there, and yet stroke after stroke brands his bottom. The possibilities are endless! So bring out your slaves and let’s get to work!

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