Regular dog walking is one of the best ways to keep Your human dog healthy and happy. Our Dog Slave Walking Service specialises in fun-filled group dog walks and dog adventures. Because dogs are naturally pack animals and they love playing with their buddies. From the laziest to sportiest and from the largest to the tiniest; they’re all welcome. We take them to parks, open fields, forests and the beach, where they can run and play to their hearts content. We play fetch and tug-of-war for example to let them burn off excess energy. We also change old and annoying habits into new and appropriate ones. Don’t worry about separation anxiety or leash obedience; our dog walkers are amongst the most brutal in the business and these bloody dogs soon realise they’re barking up the wrong tree. We teach them social skills and commands and it’s amazing to see what a choke collar and a penis shock device can do! Our service is free of charge, because we simply love to humiliate, drill and torture the male species. That’s much more rewarding than a paycheck. Sasha’s Dog Slave Walking Service – Barcelona, Spain.


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    servicing there bosses allso exellent trainimg for the up and coming young girls so they now exactly how to humiliate men
    and boys there easier to train and very obedient if there naked in public and have cute tiny little weenies to fiddle and make fun off at home and in public not to forget at work the office where girls can instruct the boy to strip and do the smoko and lunch dishes and have his butt cheek pinched slapped and just a gentle 2 finger foreskin fondle with and a reach around with a sexy whispper reminding him to how exciting and funny to whatch a very tiny boys thing go from very hard and flicking up and down to the funniest softest smallest most embarrassed tiny we diddle, but yes boys definatly here to serve and pleasure us, if he cant then maybe a Eunice is a good choice

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