For the previous few days we’d been building snow forts for the battle that was soon to start. A giant snowball fight between boys and Girls, aka The Subzero Battle of the Sexes! I was just a kid, but I knew that this was the battle that mattered most. It commenced on a cold and snowy afternoon. The boys defended the fortresses and the flag (which wasn’t a flag at all, but a red T-shirt). The barbarian hordes, better known as the Girls from the neighbourhood, came charging down the hill. Snowballs rained down like missiles and the fighting was intense for almost an hour. Then things began to fall apart.
Hold the line, I screamed. But there was a serious thaw in the line because the boys were fleeing. So I did, what real men do: I ran. For five metres, then someone jumped on my back and I fell down in the snow. I tried to fight my way out, but Lisa (who lived opposite the greengrocer) was too strong. She sat on my chest with Her knees on my arms. She had me pinned down and I was going nowhere. She laughed triumphantly and started rubbing snow all over my face.
Ho, ho, ho, I shivered, let me go! 
She did … and Ingrid (number 77, end of the street) took Her place and pinned be down with force. She showed little mercy and stuffed snow in my ears, nose and mouth.
Stuff snow in his pants! She commanded.
No-o-o-, I snow mouthed, but the Christmas spirit was nowhere to be found that day.

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