You are so unobservant, She said, can’t you see My feet are tired??
I crawled towards Her, apologised for my selfish behaviour and started massaging Her feet. The top, the ankle and sole, each and every toe and the space between the toes. What a treat!
That’s better, She said, now worship My divine feet with your lips and tongue.
I didn’t need any further encouragement and began kissing and licking Her feet. The warmth of Her skin and the smell of Her feet overpowered me and I licked as if my life depended on it. Words failed to describe the beauty of it all. People were watching and, no doubt, taking pictures, but we were at a Fetish party for goodness sake, so I couldn’t care less.
Open your mouth!
I obeyed and She pushed Her foot deep into my mouth. My head was spinning as I sucked on Her foot. She pushed Her foot even deeper in my throat, making me gag uncontrollably. My jaw started to hurt, but She mercilessly face fucked me with Her foot. She finally pulled it out and Her foot was covered in saliva. She put Her foot on my face and rubbed it dry. She got up from Her chair and ordered me to kiss Her hand and thank Her. And then She disappeared into the party crowd.
Who on earth was that, one of my friends asked.
I have no idea, I said, never seen Her before in my entire life.


  1. After a walk in boots, it is perfectly normal for a lady’s feet to become sweaty. Therefore it should be a matter of course for a gentleman to serve a lady’s feet in a proper way. Immediately after taking off her boots he should breathe the lady’s toes dry first – discreetly and reverently! For showing respect he should dab under her toes with the tip of his tongue to calm her sweat glands. If sweaty deposits have formed between her toes, he has to lick the crevices clean with his tongue. Even if it is uncomfortable, the well-being of her feet takes precedence over the sensitivities of the gentleman. He willingly has to tolerate everything that transpires from her toes. A true gentleman is always a good foot servant.

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