The mucus, doctor Angela said, is stuck in your upper chest.
His mouth fell open.
Snot, She explained, mucus is snot. Anyway, let’s move on. Pants down!
He was too intimidated to talk back, so he pulled down his pants. His rock hard boner sprang out into the open. Doctor Angela shook Her head and put on a strapon.
Wait a minute, he said, that’s a dick!
She slapped him hard in the face.
W.what …
Hush! Or you’ll get another one. I have brains, you don’t! That’s why I’m a doctor and you’re a moron.
He giggled, shrugged his shoulders and admitted She was right.
It’s not a dick. It’s a plunger and it works miracles.
She strapped him to a table. The dildo entered his ass like a freight-train enters a tunnel. He tried to take it like a man, but failed miserably. He begged an begged Her to stop, but She didn’t. Instead She fucked him mercilessly for almost an hour. Tears rolled down his face and his ass felt like an old abandoned mine shaft.
How’s the chest?
My CHEST??? Are You seri…. Not good, thank You very much, it didn’t help.
Then I expect you to be here tomorrow morning at 11:00. Don’t you worry, I’ll fuc … oops, I mean: I’ll fix you up in no time.

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