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I’m not scared, I bragged. But you could hear the shit screaming in my underpants.
Of course not, She said soothingly. Besides, it’s a bit too late for second thoughts, is it? Your ankles are cuffed to the legs of the chair and your hands are cuffed behind your back. I’m now in charge, how cool is that!
B.but I am the customer, I protested weakly.
Nope! You WERE the customer; you’re now the victim.
She looked so harmless and weak, so fragile and frail and I found it hard to believe that She was capable of hurting anyone, let alone choking someone out. But that thought evaporated instantly the moment She wrapped Her arm around my neck and applied some pressure. My whole body stiffened and then the fight for oxygen was on. My face turned red and my tongue came out. She loosened Her grip just enough so I could breathe a little. What was it? Two seconds? Three maybe? Then the pressure increased again and everything went black. She brought me back to consciousness and put me into darkness again. And again. And yet again.
I begged for mercy. Well, not in so many words, but by panting frantically.
She rubbed Her hand over my crotch and my dick slithered in my pants like an eel with an itch.
Looks like someone is having a good time down there, She laughed. Well, you paid Me a handsome sum, so I’m going to give you your money’s worth.
I opened my mouth in protest and darkness.