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When the night falls, Her name is whispered in streets and alleys, in clubs and restaurants. Whispered, not spoken aloud. God no! Jack’s voice sounded hoarse and strange. Believe me, She’s not an imaginary person, not a figment of our imagination! She’s real! She only targets single men, did you know that? I mean … how does She know these things? How can you tell who’s single or not these days? 
He wrung his hands nervously and there was terror in his eyes.
These are dark and dangerous times and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m scared. My nerves are in tatters. I’m a single man, does that mean She has me in Her sights? Some say She takes Her victims to the Underworld because male slaves are in high demand there. But how do they know that? No one has ever returned to tell the tale! I’m su-
I’m sorry, the psychiatrist said, time’s up. Jack turned towards Her and gazed directly into Her amazingly blue eyes. He tried to look away, but couldn’t. His eyes were glued to Hers and his arms and legs felt heavy. And then … slowly but surely … it dawned on him.
Are You going to take me to the Underworld? he whispered in a trance.
An underground dungeon, She smiled. I’m a collector, you see. And you, well, you are a fine specimen and you are going to be one of My slaves. How does that sound?
That sounds wonderful, he said in a dreamy voice. He was awake and sleeping, lying on the couch and falling.
No longer scared?
Not at all, he whispered. All I want … all I ever wanted … is to obey You.
I hear that a lot, She smiled.