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I was still so new to Female Domination, so fresh and innocent, so green and so utterly naive. So when I rang the doorbell that day, I was curious, excited and in the best of moods. A young Girl opened the door and took me downstairs to a dungeon. The Mistress, whom I met two months ago and who had invited me here, barely looked at me when I came in and told me to sit down and shut up. It was not exactly the warmest of welcomes and I was quite intimidated by it. So I sat down on the floor and hid behind my dick. Well … Against the far wall was a guy tied up in chains and the Mistress started whipping him. Slowly at first, but then with full force. After 15 minutes or so, She switched to the cane and made each strike rip through the flesh. The slave wailed in agony. This was so much more intense than watching a thrashing on a computer! The brutal blows and his cries of agony sent shivers down my spine. It was unbelievable, but She broke three canes on his ass! She showed no signs of mercy though, and literally beat him to tears. She turned his ass into a bloody pulp, She really did.
And then, after what seemed like an eternity … it stopped. The slave sobbed really hard and his body quivered uncontrollably.
The Mistress came towards me and I’m not afraid to say that I was ready to shit myself. Man, I was so scared! There was not even a hint of a smile on Her face and Her cold eyes pierced into my soul. Her voice sounded strict and unforgiving:
This is what happens to you if you disobey Me.


More often than not, submissive men are stuck in their old habits, despite trying to be a good slave. They call Me for help, because I’m a Problem Solver, also known as The Mad Motivator from Manchester. I don’t care if they’re inexperienced, selfish, ignorant or stupid: you name it, I cane it. No, I do not negotiate with creatures who think (occasionally) and talk (continuously). To Me a male slave is just a big lump of meat and the road to true obedience starts with a bruised ass. I will discipline and punish regardless if they like it or not. Push them to their limits and beyond. That’s when the moaning, groaning and begging starts. It’s such a wonderful feeling to turn a big, strong man into a sobbing little bitch. Sometimes tears, genuine tears, run down their face. I’m not aiming for it, but I love it when it happens. The creature is now willing to do whatever I demand him to do. God, that’s such a thrill. Tears are wonderful, but they do not signal the end of the session though. He’s on the path to redemption, the painful path of becoming a better slave and it’s My job to beat him in the right direction. His training, ordeal, punishment, living hell or whatever you want to call it, stops when I want it to stop.
Madame More.