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Once upon a time a prince went into the dark and haunted woods of Paroldo. After three hours he reached the cabin of the Witch.
I’m looking for a potion that turns a Woman into a lifestyle Dominant, he shyly whispered.
Interesting, the Witch hissed, a challenge!
She paced up and down, mumbling to Herself. The prince held his breath and tongue.
Two tablespoons of bear-snot, some dragon blood, cinnamon of course, 20 grams of cow’s bladder, one … no, let’s make that two hands of rat’s ass, one rabbit ear, a handful of nettles, a pinch of salt, some vinegar and … a cucumber perhaps? … yes, why not, we only live once …
She threw everything in the cauldron that was bubbling and smoking over the fire.
THEN! She shrieked, cackling with laughter, a special touch: My saliva.
She gargled and spat into the cauldron, grabbed a ladle and stirred it.
Clockwise and anticlockwise, She mumbled, that’s the trick.
It boiled and steamed for almost an hour. Then She took the red hot cauldron off the fire with Her bare hands and placed it on the ground.
Will it actually work, She whispered, or ….
She took the ladle and drank the boiling liquid like ice-tea. Nothing happened.
More nettles perhaps, She pondered, or is it the dragon blood …
I can come back some other time if you wan-
Know thou place, toad to be! She thundered. Don’t make Me whip you unconscious and crush you underneath My boots! 
The prince rubbed his hands together and smiled: Can I have five bottles of that potion, please?