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The truth of the matter is, Her habit opens my floodgates of submission, simple as that. On a Biblical scale, one might say, and it gives Her a level of power that is not from this world. So I’ve been going to confession for ten years now. Twice a month, like clockwork. She wants it that way. It makes perfect sense, though, because I have a dirty mind (which is a joy forever, by the way) so it adds up pretty quickly over the course of time. I don’t know much about Her, to be honest. Don’t know if She’s married, don’t know is She has children or not, don’t even know Her name. She calls Herself Sister Mercy, but that’s not Her real name, is it? And yet, this mysterious Lady controls my bankaccount, my chastity dick, my career and what not. She puts me in a hypnotic trance and I am powerless to disobey Her. She never raises Her voice, only the rod. Oh yes! She strongly believes in penance & pain and She will stop at nothing to tame the beast inside me. She’s an Angel, be it a brutal one. I’m grateful for Her help, I really am, and my ass is grateful it has a fortnight to recover. One thing though …. She’s very open about the sins of lust and always wants to know if I fantasised about Her. It may sound strange, but I find it difficult to talk about such things in front of a nun. Although She is no more a nun, than I am a priest, of course. I’m not that naive. But to me She is, and always will be, a Divine creature from a Higher Dimension.