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Do Your worst, count Ralph said.
You can’t handle My worst, escort Dominatrix Misumi Hukinata smiled. She was Japanese and blessed with a body of a Goddess. The count was one of Her regular clients. He was rich as Croesus and submissive to the bone. Which was, She thought, a match made in Heaven. What a catch!
Do Your worst, he repeated, because he was a man of very few words.
So She put him in shackles, took him to the centuries-old dungeons beneath the castle (his castle) and locked him up in one of the cells.
He has been Her prisoner now for twelve years, eight months, three weeks and six days. He receives one hour per day of yard time and is allowed to go out once every six months and do whatever he wants to do. Visit friends, family, travel outside the district, whatever. He could run away if he wanted to. But he never does. He always returns to Her, always returns so his dark and damp cell and his life in slavery. Because what is wealth compared to Her beauty? What is freedom compared to Her delicious hunger for power? And, frankly, he doesn’t have much choice. Not anymore. Because She seized his bank accounts and is now Countess of the Castle. Literally, because he signed the transfer papers.
Does he live a meagre existence? Yes, he does. Does he live in a world of hurt, humiliation and suffering? Very much so, yes. But you know what? He’s living the life he has been dreaming of.
And that’s more, much more, than most of us can say.